Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board

Having problems organizing or making the wedding in your mind a reality? Many brides find themselves having so many ideas that it becomes challenging to find clarity when making important wedding decisions. A helpful tool is an inspiration board! When determining the wedding details an inspiration board is a great way to see everything together and to help you set your priorities. 

Images found:
First Row: Fancy China-, Classic Rolls Royce-, Wedding Dress-, Bridal Bouquet-, Escort Cards- Second Row: Card Box- , Typewriter-, Wedding Invitations-, Bridal Accessories- Third Row: Bridal Hair-, Books Centerpiece-, Coca-cola Centerpiece-
This inspiration board by Meredith, a member of Jenny’s team, focuses on vintage weddings. These pictures combined, present a classy and cohesive theme that could highlight anyone’s personal preferences. The typewriter and camera both bring an elegant touch to this vintage wedding theme. Jpb Designs is now offering inspiration board services to help people at any step of the wedding process. Please feel free to contact Jenny at any time if you have questions!       

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